Our general answer to this question is no, simply because most external floor surfaces do not have a damp proof membrane to prevent moisture from permeating through the slab. This can lead to premature blistering and paint failure as moisture will be retained under non-breathable floor paint. For floor surfaces that are well above the water table, such as balconies or fire escape steps, then Floor Paint DP5 with our Anti-Slip Aggregate SA14 can be used with appropriate surface preparation.

Most solid colours from British Standards 381C, 4800 and RAL are available to order or can be purchased through our point of sale tinting system. Colour range and availability is dependent upon the specific product required. Fluorescent, metallic (except RAL 9006 & RAL 9007) and pearlescent colours are not available in the Bradite product range.

Yes, all documents are available for download. Simply visit the relevant product page and click ‘download’ on the technical data button.

Generally speaking, a thinned down first coat of the floor paint system to be applied is more than adequate to ensure adhesion to absorbent surfaces. Consult product datasheets or our technical department if you have any specific out of scope or special circumstances.

Ensure surface is suitable for painting (friable crumbly concrete will provide inadequate coating adhesion, increasing the likelihood of hot tyre pick up issues). Use a system appropriate to intended use (so use either EC88, PW74 or EW99 for commercial or heavy domestic situations), ensure surface preparation and priming is carried out thoroughly & effectively. Ensure two pack systems are mixed in accordance with the required instructions and mixing ratios. Within the first week of final coat application, allow vehicles to stand outside after long journeys to let tyres cool down before bringing them under cover.

Yes, our CC24 and CG23 chlorinated rubber coatings are ideal for concrete swimming pool painting scenarios. Please consult our product datasheets for full details.

Our standard floor paint colours are Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Sherwood Green, Blue & Cardinal Red. Yes, our standard colours are available in all of our floor paint products.

Our water based EW99 two pack epoxy floor and wall coating is the ideal solution for all such scenarios. It has excellent adhesion to glazed tiles, has virtually no odour when applied or when drying and has a very low VOC level allowing it to be used as a coating on plaster or tiled walls. The excellent all round chemical resistance and high sheen allows easy cleaning and sanitising of EW99 coated surfaces.

Yes, our DP25 Pliolite solvent based product is the best product for such situations. Application temperature tolerance and crack bridging ability makes the Pliolite system the perfect choice for the protection of commercial or domestic cementitious building surfaces.